The Story of the Roller Xpress


The Roller Xpress. A machine that automates the silverware rolling process in a napkin. A process that for over 60 years was done completely by hand and then one day, someone decided to change that forever. But, was it that simple? That easy to create a machine that does it for you? No, not even close.

For years, company after company after company attempted to create a machine that takes care of one of the biggest issues in the hospitality space. People hate rolling silverware so much that they will pay other people to do it even when its their own task to complete so they can do something else, anything else, besides roll 50, 100, 200 or even 300 rolls of silverware.

Ask any person that you personally know that has worked as a waiter, waitress, bartender, host and event manager in restaurants, hotel, catering and event planning and ask them if they had to roll silverware. You’ll be amazed at the responses.

Now, after all these years, we finally have a machine that does it for us and does it 5 times faster than most humans as well.

The Story

6 years ago, Evan Duignan was hired at Joey’s Italian Grille in Chardon Ohio as a dishwasher. During that time he noticed a problem. When he would finish up at the end of the night, servers would adamantly request that silverware be run through the dish machine first. They pleaded, begged and the like. After awhile he started to wonder why that was? Why were they so passionate about the silverware being run through- the dish tank first?

Then shortly after starting to wash dishes he walked out into the dining area and saw that servers were all grouped together sitting down and rolling silverware. Over and over and over again. Some of the servers would roll over 100 pieces of silverware which would take them well over an hour to accomplish.

What created the breakthrough? What made everything come together so that finally servers could go home at the end of the night to their families or spend time with their friends and get back that all important hour or two that creates so many special and key moments that gets taken away from something so arbitrary?

Persistence. Drive, Determination, The will to win and the attitude of “Just keep going and going and going”.