The Roller Xpress

The world’s first machine that fully automates the process of rolling silverware into napkins!
  • 10 Seconds a Roll, 250 Roll-Ups an Hour which is 5 times faster than the average person.
  • Load one time and go!
  • No operator required!
  • Accommodate both paper and cloth napkins!
  • Able to work with 95% of silverware sizes on the market today.
  • Patented Technology!
  • Up to 4 utensils and down to 2 utensils.
  • Any combination of fork, knife and spoons.
  • Banding for both paper and cloth.
  • 3 X 3 X 4 Feet footprint size, table top apparatus!
  • NSF and UL certified.
  • Stainless Steel Framework.
  • Made in the USA.
  • 10 Year Life Cycle.
  • Medium Size Restaurants spends approximately $15,000 a year rolling silverware!
  • Great for Restaurants, Hotels, Catering and Event Planning, Cruise Ships and Colleges!
  • Leasing options available upon request.